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  • Personal Alarms

    Personal Attack Alarms are the leading suppliers of Personal Attack Alarms in the UK. Also known as Personal Security Alarms, Rape Alarms, Personal Alarms and Personal Safety Alarms, we have the widest range available.


    With so many Alarms available it can be confusing, but would you buy a Smoke Alarm if it wasnt approved to the relevant standards? If your answer is no then rest assured.

    We are the only company in the UK to supply the Police Preferred Specification (Secured by Design) and Sold Secure (Gold Standard) Minder range of Personal Attack Alarms meaning our quality standards are second to none. Our Personal Alarms are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all applications and tastes.

    Other Personal Alarms which may claim to be approved will not have these standards. Make sure you check before purchase.

  • Shed Security

    Shed alarms and Perimeter Security are both important parts of securing your home as this is often the first line of defence.

    All of our shed alarms and perimeter security products are easy to use and offer value for money.

  • Home Security

    Home Security

    We can supply a diverse range of home security products. Our range includes Door Alarms, Window Alarms, PIR Motion Detectors, PIR Alarms, Simulated Televisions, PIR Security Lights, Border Patrol Wireless Alarms, PIR Sensor Alarms, Door Handle Alarms and a full range of Property Marking Kits.

  • Handbag & Purse Theft

    We have the most extensive range of products to combat Purse and Handbag theft. Purse Bells, Purse Snatch Chains, Purse Cables, Bag Hangers and the best designed Purse Alarm in the UK which incorporates a number of features.

    Our Purse Theft products are supplied to most of the Police Forces in the UK and they offer excellent value for money and provide a useful deterrent in preventing theft of handbags and purses.

  • Counterfeit/RFID Fraud...
  • Property Marking

    Property Marking

    We are one of the leading suppliers of Property Marking equipment including UV Marker Pens, Property marking pens, UV Lights, UV Lamps, Property Marking kits, UV keyrings and Property marking stickers.

    By marking your property you increase the chances of having your possessions returned in the event of a burglary.

  • Hi-Vis & Road Safety

    Road Safety is paramount during dark nights, especially after school hours when the clocks have changed. Our Hi-Vis range of security stickers, slap bands and Childrens Hi-Vis Vests offer a low cost way of ensuring your child is seen in the dark. We also supply Visibands, flashing armbands and flashing Blinky badges which all school children will love. We do a range of Hi-Vis products to be worn/displayed when cycling. Also our Hi-Vis Personal Alarm is an all in one safety product ideal for dark nights.

  • Student/Young Person &...

    Student/Young Persons Security

  • Security Stickers & Signs
  • Product Extras
  • Rural Security

    Rural areas face a range of security risks, including theft, vandalism, wildlife crime, and rural terrorism.

    These crimes can have a significant impact on the economy and society, particularly for those whose livelihoods depend on the countryside.

  • CCTV & Smart Technology

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